First of all, Justin Bieber.

So ‘they’ learned nothing from N’Sync, BSB, Westlife bla bla bla…

Ok, sure, I can live with that. Girls will be girls. And someone would menyampuk “boys will be boys too.” So true.

Then I manage to encounter some ‘apek’ in Downtown Bandar Tun Razak selling buttons for Crocs. BUTTONS – for your own Crocs sandals. You know those little holes in front of your Crocs shoe; is actually meant for decorative purpose? It’s not limited for kids. There’s a bunch of World Cup-related buttons with complete emblems and jerseys around the globe tossing around on the floor these days. Seriously you guys? Seriously?

To sums it all, just now I had saw a promo of Glee Flash Mob in KL (somewhere in a bulk of Astro’s channel). Now I think I’ve seen it all.

I just have to say, WTF is going on here, guys?!

Cukuplah hanya dengan politik di Malaysia saja yang tidak masuk akal.

Keh keh.

*Images credited to last.fm, Fashion Bean, dan Fatima-Az-Zahra blog.

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Mak Su said...

maraeshia borreehhh

wawa syaida said...

jalan jalan sini cari mr. ajai *___*
suka dngr lagu justin bieber yg slow tu... =)

Tyra said...

jai... bukan Button ler... jibbitz laa.. benda tu memang dah lama ada di pasaran. gambar sotong, bintang, alphabets.

Anonymous said...

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Lelaki Ini said...

sabar je lew!

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