I worried myself if I easily became bored with this new Sims 3 game that I purchased.

Having an experience spending a lot of time playing Sims 2 since last year, I know what I can expect with this new version. You’ll be creating a sim. Setting up his/her look, outfit, personalities and then unleashed them into the sim community. Pick a career like political or medical-based, making some earning for your food or furniture, then get married and having kids. You probably decide to end your game when you hit the third generation because you find yourself keep repeating doing the same thing.

The only amazing thing in this game is you are able to explore your creative mind by making the most interesting architectural design of your house. I simply saw this as fulfilling the 8 year old girl dream that use to satisfy their playing time with dollhouses at previous era. But things have been changed now. New modern technology as computer games allows people like me to enjoy whatever preference that we choose to, even the with the most absurd one.

So I figured I need a storyline to keep my excitement for my in-game experience. Of course there were default storyline in the game itself but I find it not interesting enough because it’s THEIR story. Not mine. What’s the purpose of controlling a simulator person reflecting of your own if you treated them as a stranger, right?

So my basic idea would be this; I’ll create four couple with random attributes and skin color. And then I mesh them up to create four kids, one for each of them; two male and two female. Later then I blend these kids again to make another layer of generation of opposite-sex couple. This will be the first Sims I’ll be playing and I’ll give them a pair of brothers as their kids for starter.

The older one, as I imagine, will become an ivy-league, high-class person type because his parent are millionaire (really?). It’s not really that hard to make out because I know how to type the word ‘motherlode’ several time and giving the family 50,000 Simeleons (the in-game currency) every time I hit the enter button. (Yes, I’ve cheated. So what? I would cheat my own death in real life if I could :P)

The younger one will become a rebellious type. He would emancipate himself from his parent house (which I think will be a great mansion by the way – I’ll snatch some of the mansion that already exist in the game) and go having a modern-type beach house by his own. This would be a quite simple house for single young adult so it won’t take much of my time to build it.

I will control this sim and playing around with some attractive female sim that already there in the game. I love a good decent party involving WooHoo (you may not recognize this term if you never played the game before). While I’ll get my sim’s older brother get married to a wife and produce a son; from there, the older brother will be controlled by AI (computer Artificial Intelligence) and leading his own life. I don’t really care how it goes after that.

At some point, my sim will grew into an adults and I will command him to seduce his brother wife. After having a quite intimate affair of scandals, I imagine my sim will get her pregnant. Automatically the husband will know about this and ended-up divorcing her. So my sim will invite her to join him at the beach house as his new wife. The woman’s son will stay with his respective father and my sim’s soon-to-be born kid will become step-sibling/cousin with him. I know, it sounded ‘hillbilly’ type of thing but my mind already corrupted so there’s nothing you could say no-more. :P

Once the baby is born, I will move my sim’s family back into the mansion to claim his right in the big house. The wife would probably feels uneasy about this because she also will become enemy with her former husband right after the divorce. So it could sparkle things up a bit; not to mention the older brothers already feels threaten about his dominance position in the house after the new kid was born.

At that time the wife will be free to fasakh (haha) or divorced my sim, and I couldn’t care less because my intention only to create another new generation to the family’s tree. This two brothers will probably ended up fighting for the money and the house until they die but I want to focus more now to their kids. One son and the other (could be male or female) will be making friends because they staying at the same house now. Once they became teenagers, these two young adult will throw some party together and having a great time like their fathers never did.

They will move the old beach house (formerly owned by my older sim) and starting a career of their own, find a life-companion and finally settle down – get married.

They move back to the mansion only to realize that their new spouse have agenda of their own. One maybe a gold digger who’s after their money by cheating with some other Sims and file a divorce. After this he/she will be rich when leaving the house. Another one could probably greed enough to influence his/her kid to hate others people in the house so they family could dominate the throne of the house. Either of these stories will resulting the house splitting into two sides (it’s a big house so they still have some space for their own).

I guess when their kids grow older, the inevitable will happen. One side has to move out to make rooms for the other. And I think the good guys will surrender here. I may build another house for them or just expanding the beach house to make it more spacious for the family.

It’s not ended though. Through a couple generations maybe, one of the vanished family (male, I presumed) will come back to the big mansion after making one of the girls from there fall in love with him. From there he will sneak up to stir another family chaos years after his great-great grandfather died. Then the story will evolve itself and I would like to see where it’s heading then. :D

But I think I probably get bored at that time and start playing a new Grand Theft Auto series that just been released. :P

Yes, it’s interesting how we spent our time individually. But it’s more disturbing to realize that I made up the entire story above within a few minutes while I’m installing the game just recently. I’m not having a chance to play it yet because I wanted to write this stuff first. Considering that what I try to achieve in that game might differ from what I expected because of any new feature that I unaware, I still think I can hope for the best enjoyment since I’ve already spend 20 Ringgit for the DVD (muahaha).

If not, I guess I will always be able to play KONAMI Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 then. Haha!

~Tomorrow I will review about Pro Evolution Soccer. Don’t worry, I’ll return continue writing it in Bahasa after this.~

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Mak Su said...

ingatkan tadi cakap tentang sim kad... maksu ada 2, 3 sim kad tu... sparepart :)

dilot said...

aku tak pernah main pun sim ni..hehe...

kalau sim kad lak..dh tak terbilang simkad aku..hehe...

Akeji Hiroshi (formerly known as Mr. Ajai) said...

kenapa aku sorang je yg tak terfikir kaitan sims ngan simkad neh? kalo tak pasti aku dah tukar tajuk. keh keh...

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